Nexon EV Bags a Bonus in Appraisal, Boss Man N Chandra Flaunts It Proudly

N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Motors, took delivery of a Nexon EV and in so doing, delivered a resounding approval to the success of the EV from the Group's electric mobility arm.

When leaders walk the talk, perceptions change and people begin to notice. Especially in matters of common good and the larger need to address vehicular pollution. More so when the leader happens to be N Chandrasekaran, the Chairman of Tata Motors and the top boss of the storied Tata Group.

On Saturday, social media was flooded with photos of Chandrasekaran and his wife Lalitha Chandrasekaran taking delivery of the Tata Nexon EV on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, an auspicious day when many Indians take deliveries of their new vehicles.

The occasion was symbolic in many ways: here was the Chairman of Tata Sons and his wife taking delivery of an electric car and getting photographed like any other customer at the time of delivery.

A proud moment for the customer and the company no doubt as the moment was perfectly chosen to celebrate a milestone in the Nexon EV’s journey in India. Just days back, the company had announced that it had rolled out its 1,000th Nexon EV from its factory in Pune and in little over six months from its launch in January.

According to the company, this little feat has made Nexon EV the best-selling EV in its segment and has helped Tata Motors command a 62% market share in EVs in the June quarter of the current financial year.

But the figure does tell a story. That of not many options in the segment and also the craze for SUVs in any size or powertrain in India. So, the feat achieved by Nexon EV needs to be appreciated for the fact that it has managed to create a buzz for electric vehicles during the period the auto sector was probably facing its worst sales figures.

And to push its case further, the company has also announced a subscription model for the vehicle with rentals beginning from Rs 41,900 per month and tenures ranging from 18, 24 to 36 months. We also hope that the new EV policy announced by Delhi earlier this month will help bring the cost down of EVs available already and encourage other manufacturers too to launch their models soon.

Now when a top honcho makes an EV from his company’s stable his family ride, the underlying message is not lost on folks sitting on the fence, trying to decide between an EV and an internal combustion engine powered vehicle.

With buzzing new launches led by SUVs already made or planned for the next few months till the festival season begins, one hopes that a few EVs too will get their moment under the sun and available as a choice when choosing the right car to buy.

With such show of confidence and with numbers to back its success, Tata Motors and its boss Chandrasekaran have walked the extra mile to support not just a car, but a cause for the larger good and hope it helps electric vehicles get that vote when it comes to choosing the right buy which helps the environment too.

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Anirban Roy

Anirban Roy

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