Okinawa unveils New Ridge+ e-scooter with detachable Li-Battery pack

Gurugram-based electric two-wheeler maker Okinawa Autotech launched a new version of the Ridge electric scooter- The Ridge+ that has a detachable Li-Ion Battery pack

Electric two-wheeler maker Okinawa Autotech launched a new version of the Ridge electric scooter- The Ridge+. The Okinawa Ridge+ is the new lithium-ion battery powered version and has been priced at Rs 64,998. The new Okinawa Ridge+ has an 800 watt, BLDC (Brush less Direct Current)  water-proof motor and the scooter’s range is a claimed 120 km in a single charge.

The new scooter claims to reach a top speed and range of 55kph and 120km (per charge), respectively. With the  new feature of a removable lithium-ion battery, this will enable people to carry the battery pack into their homes to charge it.

New removable lithium-ion battery

The Ridge+ will be sold alongside the standard Okinawa Ridge that used a lead acid battery. The new Ridge+ is more expensive than the lead battery powered Ridge by about Rs 21,000.

Commenting on the launch of the new Ridge+, Okinawa Autotech – MD, Jeetender Sharma said, “After the positive response garnered by Ridge and Praise, Ridge+ is the result of Okinawa’s sustained desire to keep offering Indian commuters best-in-class EVs which are not only equal, but even better than their in-class conventional fuel variants. The Ridge+ offers great convenience by providing the detachable battery which makes the charging at ease. User can take out the battery and carry to their home or office for charging purpose. Equipped with a Micro-charger featuring Auto-cut that get the scooter up and running in 2 hours flat. The high mileage offered by it is a treat for the explorers amidst our users for whom the roads are not a means towards a destination but an experience in themselves. Lastly, the unique design and color scheme of the Ridge+ will definitely make it, along with its proud owner, stand out among the crowds.’

Sharma, who has had an extensive stint working with Honda Scooters and Motorcyles  in India before this, the targets will only get more interesting in the coming year, when the company’s plants look to ramp up production.

The new Okinawa Ridge+ also has a loading capacity of 150 kg.

The Okinawa Ridge+ is the third such offering from the company, along with Ridge and Praise scooters. Interestingly, the Ridge+ is also priced higher than the flagship Praise that uses a lead acid battery and is priced at Rs 59,889. However, the company added that their Praise scooter would also get a Lithium-ion battery version as optional.

The company aims to roll out about 500 units of  the electric scooter in October, and an additional 1500 units of the Ridge+ will be produced and shipped across the country in November this year.

Okinawa Autotech is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that was established in 2015 with a mission to create two-wheelers for a sustainable future. At present, Okinawa Autotech has a facility in Bhiwadi, where it can produce 90,000 units a year and it plans to bring in 3 electric scooter models every year and will also look at manufacturing E-Motorcycles in the near future.

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