Magenta Looks For Speed With Scott Pharr On Board, MOU For 10K Charging Network

The Mumbai-based Magenta Group has been making all the right moves to build momentum in its quest to b a major player in the EV space. The past week saw the firm add key partnerships as well as global heft to its board of advisors.

The Magenta Group of companies, which have a strong presence in affordable renewable energy solutions , had been making big moves to grab opportunities in the changes the energy transition is driving. The firm has announced that Mr. Scott Pharr, Global Managing Director at Accenture, has joined the Magenta Board of Advisors, to help the company strategize on the expansion of its business.

The Magenta Group of companies includes Magenta Power, Magenta EV Solutions and Magenta Informatics, operating in all major cities in India, with 6 regional offices and head quarters in Navi Mumbai. Magenta is also affiliated with the Asia-Pacific Energy Group of USA.

Talking about his interest in Magenta,  the Houston -based  Pharr  said “Having experience of more than two decades in the energy space, I have worked in association with many multi-nationals and entrepreneurs, and I have seen the energy ecosystem grow. Magenta is a promising start-up that has been showing tremendous growth and innovations in the EV and renewables space in India. It will be a pleasure to provide insight to the team to help them grow their footprint beyond India.”
Scott Pharr

Maxson Lewis
Maxson Lewis, Managing Director at Magenta, said, “In his position as a global advisor to Fortune 100 clients in the Energy Industry, and his vast experience in energy transition, Scott will help guide and shape Magenta’s clean energy innovation agenda and will support our ‘Made in India, made for the world’-themed international push.”

Last week, the firm had also signed a  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), between eMatrixmile India Pvt Ltd and Magenta EV Solutions Private Limited for installation and commissioning of ‘QYK POD’ charging stations with associated infrastructure & stations in Mumbai, MMR and Maharashtra region. The alliance comes with a plan to install 10,000 electric charging stations across India in sustained phases, while starting initally with the firm’s home city (Mumbai) and state(Maharashtra) .    

The eMatrixmile  QYK POD technology-driven mobility platform promises to enable integrated urban mobility across public and private modes of transport with the help of Micro Mobility Vehicles (MMVs) a user-friendly mobile app enabling first and last-mile connectivity that is seamless, shared, and sustainable.

 The firm is also  Mumbai-based , with its Rental EV scooters – QYK. The company aspires to be the nation’s largest Dock Station Mobility Company and will be providing a multi-model fleet of classic electric scooters, electric bicycle, electric auto rickshaws network to more than 50 cities by the year 2021. 

Magenta’s moves in the  EV charging technology space have been backed by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), Shell, and Microsoft. They provide ‘socket-to-software’ solutions for EV charging and have been the first-timers to bring in product and technology innovation in EV space like ChargeGrid Flare (A streetlamp integrated EV charger) and ChargeGrid Series for private, public, and community use)


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