Global Round Up-EV’s


  1. Uber To Give Raise To EV Drivers

    Uber has started a year-long pilot project to give a raise to its EV drivers, an increased share of total ride fare will be given to the drivers with Electric Vehicles. The cab aggregator is also partnering with nonprofits and UC-Davis researchers to discover new ways in which Uber and local governments can encourage EV adoption.

    Uber has also partnered with l’Association des Véhicules Electrique du Québec (AVEC) and Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) to offer ridesharing to customers from 100 driver-partners who drive electric vehicles.

    Uber users in Montreal will now get an in-app notification to inform them of being paired with an electric vehicle. Inside the EV, riders will see an AVEQ factsheet and, after the ride is over, customers will get an email with more details about EVs and the benefits of electric transportation.

    2. Magna and BJEV to develop EVs for Chinese Market

    Canada-based car manufacturer Magna International has announced a joint venture with the Beijing Electric Vehicle Company (BJEV), a subsidiary of the BAIC Group, for manufacturing as well as engineering of electric vehicles for the Chinese market by 2020.

    “For the first time, we will be providing our customers with cars engineered and built outside our complete vehicle manufacturing facility in Graz, Austria… and we are excited to bring it to a market like China,” Magna International CEO, Don Walker said.

    3. Renault hoping to Accelerate EV growth in France with €1 billion Investment

    French automobile manufacturer and one of the global leaders of the automobile industry, Renault recently announced its plans to invest over $1.2 Bn (1 Bn euros) in a bid to increase electric vehicle production capacity in France and to add new models. The investment will be made to create a second Renault electric vehicle production site and introducing a new-generation electric motor from 2021, among others.

    Renault chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn said, “The acceleration of our investments in France for electric vehicles will increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of our French industrial sites… Groupe Renault is giving itself the means to maintain its leadership in the electric vehicle market and to continue to develop new sustainable mobility solutions for all.”


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