Air India SATS’ Gets Solar Walkways Powered by Visaka Roofing

Indian Airport services company Air India SATS has come up with aircraft-boarding walkways that consist of integrated solar roofing panels from Visaka Industries

In a bid to offer solutions that can save a significant amount of energy, publicly-traded company Visaka Industries has provided its integrated solar roofing system, ATUM, to Air India SATS Airports Services Pvt Ltd (AISATS) for building sustainable off-grid air-conditioned walkways.

AISATS, leading gateway services and food solutions provider in Asia, soon will be having India’s first integrated hybrid solar roofing system in its air-conditioned ramp walkway at its Hyderabad station. It is also planning to replicate this model in other airports across India.

This innovative solution, ATUM, serves all the functions of a traditional roof while giving 20 percent higher output as compared to the conventional solar panels.

It contains integrated solar panels with a fibre cement base which is made up of Vnext boards that regulates temperature with higher efficiency.

The company said in a statement that AISATS ATUM walkways consist of 8 ATUM panels of 2.5 kW that charges 4 batteries of 150 Ah each.

Moreover, this off-grid solution can work up to 6 hours with-holding a weight of over 300 kgs on the roof, and powers 2 air conditioners of 0.75 tons each, it added.

Besides, this walkway is fire resistant and shockproof and can also withstand winds up to 200 kilometres per hour speed, which was one of the topmost requirements of Air India SATS that the walkway survives varying wind conditions at the apron.

“We are excited to collaborate with AISTATS to showcase our ATUM walkways which are innovative in its own offering. ATUM will be an essential roofing solution in the near future for any application that requires power and a roof! With ATUM being used extensively as a roofing solution for industrial, commercial and residential applications – We can soon make the solar dream a reality,” said Vamsi Gaddam, Visaka Industries’ joint managing director.

“We are delighted to partner with Visaka Industries to pioneer India’s first integrated hybrid solar roofing system for a sustainable off-grid air-conditioned ramp walkway at our Hyderabad station. Once implemented, this unique ramp will provide an enhanced level of comfort and ease to all our customers with smooth access for people with reduced mobility while boarding an aircraft. Just as importantly, we will be saving a considerable amount of energy. We hope to replicate this in other airports in the Country and will continue to focus on balancing our demand for energy by looking for renewable alternatives to operate our business,” said Ramanathan Rajamani, CEO, AISATS.

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  • August 7, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    AI-sats is a sinking organisation, it will die it’s natural death. The company that has tied up with it, may also feel a similar pinch, due to the balance of staff left, as all the good & efficient people have left !!


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