Mitsubishi Corporation Launches Eneco Diamond for Green Hydrogen in Europe

Eneco Diamond Hydrogen will leverage the combined strengths of its parent companies to drive green hydrogen initiatives

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), a well-known Japanese conglomerate, has announced the launch of Eneco Diamond Hydrogen B.V., a new venture focused on promoting renewable energy and green hydrogen initiatives in Europe. Eneco Diamond Hydrogen, which officially registered on June 6, 2023, is a joint collaboration between MC and its subsidiary N.V. Eneco, an integrated energy company headquartered in Rotterdam.

Eneco Diamond Hydrogen will leverage the combined strengths of its parent companies to drive green hydrogen initiatives and expand its renewable energy portfolio beyond the Netherlands. This will involve utilising Eneco’s extensive experience in renewable energy and benefiting from MC’s wide-ranging operations network spanning industries such as oil refining, chemicals, steel, and marine transport.

Aligned with MC’s recent midterm corporate strategy, Eneco Diamond Hydrogen reinforces the corporation’s commitment to energy transformations, with a specific focus on providing zero-carbon solutions to support global decarbonization efforts.

The establishment of the new Hydrogen firm demonstrates MC’s dedication to promoting green hydrogen ventures in Europe while recognizing the growing demand for hydrogen production and utilization in countries like Japan, the United States, and other regions in both the Western and Asian parts of the world. MC intends to leverage the knowledge and expertise gained from Eneco Diamond Hydrogen to accelerate the progress of hydrogen initiatives across different global regions, thereby contributing to the advancement of decarbonization endeavours.

In this era of heightened global awareness regarding carbon emissions reduction, the establishment of Eneco Diamond Hydrogen is significant. Across nations, there is a growing emphasis on integrating renewable energy sources into their energy portfolios. Hydrogen, with its capacity for convenient storage, transportation, and versatility as both an alternative fuel and a flexible power grid resource, is gaining considerable attention.

The European Union, demonstrating a strong commitment to expediting the adoption of hydrogen, has set ambitious goals. By 2030, it aims to produce and import 10 million tons of green hydrogen each year.

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