Made in China. Profiling Chinese Giants That Dominate RE Today

We bring to you profiles of a few of the many China-based firms that dominate the solar sector today. These distinct profiles simply go to demonstrate the different paths each has followed, with the same end objective. Becoming a serious global player.

China’s dominance of the solar sector is perhaps unprecedented. From being a bit player till 2007, the country’s renewable energy sector, especially solar, has emerged as the most important driver behind the drop in solar prices, and the consequent spread of solar power across the world.  As country after country brought forward their solar energy goals since 2010, and by 2015, set massively larger targets than previously considered possible, the world has the Chinese cohort of manufacturers to thank. After starting off with tie-ups for technology, most of these firms today are world beaters in their own right, with high R&D investments, and slick marketing setups. Firms like Longi Solar, Jingko , Canadian Solar, Solis Ginlong and many others have blazed trails for many others. We look in more detail at a few of the world beaters from China, to familiarise you with the sector better.
First up, lets look at TBEA 
TBEA is not just your average Chinese firm exporting to India. This firm has actually invested in a manufacturing base in the country, making India the only country outside of China where it has a manufacturing base. That has made it a firm to watch, in the solar inverters space.  Read More about TBEA here 

Another firm that stands out is Cybrid Technologies. It’s a name not many people outside the sector will hear, considering the nature of the work the firm does. As a builder of backsheets for solar modules, the firm is locked in a battle with much more larger, and older competitors to dominate the global backsheets market. An area where it has had some significant success. Read more about Cybrid here.

When you think of China, you think of scale. And perhaps few firms denote scale as conclusively as Tongwei Solar, or TW Solar, as it is called. The firm has entered, and quickly taken global leadership in cell production for solar modules in a very short span of time. Today, it moves global markets with its announcements, be it on pricing, or capacity expansions. TW has used every tool out there to move ahead, be it the latest technology or massive scale. Catch up on this giant here. 

Talking of giants, no discussion on China’s large solar sector firms will be complete without Sungrow. This firm, with an installed capacity of 50 GW of inverters, has been a big believer in India too, with its manufacturing plant for inverters the largest in the category here. The firm has made it a habit to hit miletones, with its latest being the cumulative 100 GW of shipments, back in December 2019. Catch up more on Sungrow here.

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