India’s First Green Hydrogen Blending Project Starts at NTPC Kawas

The small project, based on renewable energy from a 1 MW floating solar plant, will blend green hydrogen in the gas pipeline network supplying gas to the township at Kawas.

India’s largest power generator, NTPC Ltd has commissioned India’s first green hydrogen blending project. The green hydrogen blending has been started in the piped natural gas (PNG) network of NTPC Kawas Township, Surat. The project is a joint effort of NTPC and Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL).

The first molecule of green hydrogen from the project was set in motion by P Ram Prasad, head of project, Kawas in presence of other senior executives of NTPC Kawas and GGL.

After the start of blending operation, NTPC Kawas held awareness workshops for township residents with help of GGL officials.

NTPC and GGL set up the project  after the foundation stone laying by the Prime Minister of India on 30th July 2022. This set-up is geared up to supply H2-NG (natural gas) to households of Kawas Township at Adityanagar, Surat. Green hydrogen in Kawas is made by electrolysis of water using power from an already installed 1 MW floating solar project. Another NTPC project at NTPC Simhadri seems to be delayed due to various factors,

NTPC has allocated 5 GW of its 60 GW renewable energy target towards production of Green Hydrogen, Ammonia from the renewable energy.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), the regulatory body has given approval for 5% vol. /vol. blending of green hydrogen with PNG to start with and the blending level would be scaled phase-wise to reach 20%.  Green hydrogen when blended with natural gas reduces CO2 emissions keeping net heating content the same.

This feat is achieved only by few select countries like UK, Germany, and Australia etc. This would bring India at the centre stage of the global hydrogen economy. India would not only reduce its hydrocarbon import bill significantly but can also bring forex ashore by being a green hydrogen and green chemicals exporter to the world.

Though only a pilot project in many ways considering its scale and use more as a ‘demonstrator’, the project will be valuable experience to NTPC as it seeks, along with many other gas firms, to make blending with PNG a broader reality in more and more places, especially industry.

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