Triton Solar’s Affordable Solar Based Backup Solution For India

New Jersey (US) based Triton Solar LLC, known for making printed solar panels and solar energy based products, has launched backup solutions from 10KWH to 10MWH of requirements in India. From common households to manufacturing units to small commercial setups to mission critical healthcare institutions, Triton’s offering covers customers of almost every size and type.

To make their products more affordable, the company is also offering monthly payment plans for the backup solutions.  Much like the majority of the large rooftop category too.

Conventional power backup solutions have a lot of limitations. The biggest challenge is that of fuel consumption followed by the crisis of air and noise pollution, which is where Triton Solar’s power backup solution hopes to make the cut with users. The solution can start from 12KV and goes up to 10MW.

The company hopes to target the vast ‘captive’ power market in India, run mostly on diesel generators of varying vintage and efficiency.

“In addition to fuel savings, we offer other advantages. For example, whenever the power goes down, our back solution takes less than 5 mile-seconds to switch over. Imagine a hospital or even a manufacturing facility where the availability of power means everything, our solution give almost a seamless experience whenever power switching takes place,” says Himanshu B. Patel, founder and chairman of Triton Solar.

Triton Solar claims to be the only company in the world to provide hybrid solar panels that not only generate power but also store it for use at a later time. The company claims its nanotechnology is applied to printed lighting and batteries, which can be customized for multiple applications. Triton Solar serves small business owners, educational institutions, and national governments to help with their ‘go green’ project management needs.

The founder, Himanshu Patel also originally founded Triton Infosys in 2005, a provider of end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for commercial clients including retail stores, hotels and resorts, educational and higher learning institutions, and governments and single focus agencies such as homeland security. Currently, Triton Infosys has business in eleven countries including the US.

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