World Water Day. Winners at Kallola Water Films Contest

KALLOLA is an Orissa based platform that organised a short film contest on the theme of Water in 2018. Themed WATER & CHILDREN Safe Water: every child's right, the platform is focused on Child rights primarily.

KALLOLA ‘s  annual Short Film Contest on Child Rights, which in its 4th consecutive year in 2018 revolved around bringing awareness regarding the urgency of providing children with safe water, joyful childhood and a secured and healthy life. Like everyone else, children too have rights to access safe water and failure of the same would have adverse impacts on their development and learning process.

The Film festival had the following documentaries shortlisted:

Guddi- The movie by Sangram Keshari Sahoo won the award as the first prize winner. The movie is simple with few camera transitions and carries the conversation between the well and a pot who are discussing the future of the protagonist Guddi.

You can Watch the movie here

Jala-o-Bhabisyata- Movie by Ritwik Das is an animated film to educate children about the importance of water in our lives and the issues that are currently affecting young children.

You can Watch the movie here


Water Boy- Movie by Abinash Ku Pradhan highlights the rich and poor divide for drinking water and encourages young people to avoid wasting water and share drinking water.

You can watch the movie here


Chumki- A movie by Pradeep Ku Jena won special jury award as his story revolving around a young protagonist chumki who wants to study but bringing potable water consumes all her time.

you can watch the movie here


It’s our responsibility-A movie by Ram, Satabdi & Swetasini Patnaik won the children choice award as it questions our daily habit of wasting clean water while others are struggling with water-borne diseases.

You can watch the movie here

About Kallola

KALLOLA signifies the happy sound of bird- song at dawn. In a perfect world, the synonym for the happy, joyful laughter of children. You may ask that if Human Rights belong to everyone, why do we need separate rights for children. Children need special care and protection to ensure that their rights are upheld. The contest initiated by UNICEF, in partnership with Aaina in 2015.

Every year the contest comes with a different theme that looks at ensuring rights of children. The short films received are advocacy tools that shall help create an environment that promotes the rights of children in the state. The focus of all the films is not only to highlight the issue but leave the viewers with positive action/ solution.

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