“It’s time to solve bigger problems”, Shailesh Singh, Massive Fund

Last week on June 6, the Massive Fund made a big public splash by hosting the Massive Earth Summit in New Delhi.  The full day conference saw key issues related to our environment and sustainability, be it pollution, atomic energy, sustainable farming, and most importantly, solving these problems through a market-led approach discussed.  With Industry leaders and central ministers gracing the show, the event was a massive success (no pun intended), leaving the Managing Partner of the fund, Shailesh Vickram Singh, a happy man.

The Massive Fund will seek to identify and fund startups and firms that are trying to solve these massive problems of our times, by providing them incubation opportunities, industry connects, funding and more.

Here, we hear Shailesh talk about the idea behind the fund, his personal philosophy, and the response they have received so far.


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