Paytm Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma invites startups to think big,with the Massive fund

The Massive Earth Summit , held in New Delhi last week,  saw the launch of the Massive Fund, a $150 million initiative proposing to support startups focused on solving ‘massive’ problems in the environment. Paytm’s founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, no stranger to overcoming incredible odds,  has put his personal backing and capital behind the fund as a limited partner. Talking to Iamrenew, Sharma spoke about his first experience with the pollution in Delhi, when he first came to the city back in 1991 from Aligarh, and how he believes a fund focused on just green or ‘clean’ issues is needed.

According to him,  because the problems we face when it comes to our environment are huge, it’s also a huge opportunity.  “Consumption is an obligation in a growing country like India,  so we cannot stop that. But we have an opportunity to ensure we consume more responsibly, and build world-leading innovations in doing that”.

“I firmly believe that no solution is complete and permanent unless it is a commercially viable and a profitable solution for someone”.

The support from Sharma will be a massive boost for Shailesh Vickram, the founder of the fund, who hopes to make the Massive Fund a huge boost for startups in India looking to solve problems of pollution, energy, agriculture or anything else that is related to the environment.

By Manas Pandit

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