A Green Zero-Waste Composter Kit for the Urban Gardener in You

Enviro Idea, an innovation team established under the auspices of the Chung Yuan Industry Accelerator & Incubation Center (IAIC), claims to have developed the world’s first environmental burden-free RE Green Zero Waste Composter Kit for Urban Gardeners.

By following the 3-step instructions, anyone can use compost starter to convert raw kitchen waste into organic compost efficiently at home within four weeks, says the company, adding, the compost is produced in an odourless and insect infestation-free environment while the final output smells like fragrant earth.

The kit won the 2020 A’Design Award in the Sustainable and Green Design category. In 2020, NT$1.75 million was raised for the kit on the Taiwanese crowdfunding platform Zeczec. In September 2021, a new round of fundraising was orchestrated on the well-known crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The program has to date raised more funds than expected and the amount continues to rise.

The easy-to-use patented solution can greatly reduce the time required for producing organic compost while promoting the recycling of waste, states Enviro Idea. It normally takes 3-6 months to generate compost using traditional methods, while, during the process, one has to put up with unpleasant odors and do battle with all manner of insects. As a result, environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for home gardening solutions may benefit from the RE Green Zero Waste Composter Kit for Urban Gardeners.

According to the company, based on the aerated composting technology, the kit cuts the time to make compost by over 50% while the organic output is more than twice that of commonly available commercial composters. Overall cost is reduced by over 50%. In addition to promoting resource recycling, the environment-friendly solution also returns probiotics to the soil.

Enviro Idea aims to address environmental challenges and boost the value of environmental sustainability. With the specially designed composting kit, the firm plans to create a template for other similarly-placed environmentally-friendly programs.

With the assistance of tutors from the Youth Entrepreneurship Center, in tandem with the subsidies provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs through the Small Business Innovation Research program in combination with the crowdfunding efforts, the kit has significant financial support for R&D and production.

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