Four Ways You Might Be Adding Plastic To The Environment

Plastic is the dreaded 7-letter word that makes environmentalists shiver with fear and anger at the effect it has on the environment. This year’s World Environment Day is dedicated to beat this menace called Plastic. But, in order to defeat something one must know how far its roots actually grow and unfortunately our society has let plastic’s roots grow exceptionally deep. Here are four things that most of us are guilty of, that increase the amount of plastic in our environment.

Cleaning Ourselves With Microbeads


Microbeads are synthetic or semi-synthetic solid, water-insoluble, high polymer plastic particles that are lower than 5mm in size. These tiny particles are present in most of our cosmetic products; in fact, one bottle of face wash contains 330,000 microbeads. So, next time you reach out to buy favourite body scrub does take a closer look at the ingredients. You can read all about microplastics out here.




Being a sucker for Straws



Australian Scientists estimate that around 437 million to 8.3 billion plastic straws are strewn around the world’s coastlines. These, pipe-like structures used to aid us in drinking through containers actually cause more harm. If you indeed care for the environment chuck the straw next time and drink your beverage straight from the glass, like you would at your home.




Disposable Cups and Bottled Water


Bottled water and disposable cups are a major contributing factor to the growing plastic menace in the country. Moreover, bottled water further contains microplastic particles that are injurious to health. Next time you host a party how about giving out the water/drinks in proper glasses or paper glasses instead of handing out plastic bottles or plastic cups, so as to drink in an eco-friendly manner. You can read more about India’s Bottled Water Crisis here.

Not Saying No To Plastic


Wherever you live you’ve surely seen plastic bags strewn across the road. Taking plastic bags is the one thing most of us are guilty of; admit it you have a large plastic bag filled with other plastic bags inside your house. One keeps forgetting to carry a bag to buy things and as a result ends up getting more plastic bags, which eventually get thrown away. Needless to say, plastic bags harm the environment as well as animals as they choke on them. This is one form of plastic you can make a conscious effort to say no to.


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