Helena Molin Valdes, Head, Climate and Clean Air Coalition

At the Massive Summit held in New Delhi last month, it was a major line up of experts across fields and sectors who weighed in with their views and advice for fighting climate change, pollution and more. Helena Molin Valdes, the head of the UN’s CCAC was there too, urging India to build on the good work it has done in making a shift to renewable energy.

In conversation with iamrenew-

Ms Valdes pointed out that besides health benefits, a progressive policy to renewables and better environmental practices offered potential in terms of jobs,  quality of life and growth too.

She is optimistic about the impact of moves by India in renewables to air pollution for instance while highlighting the possibilities of more energy efficiency by reducing bio mass burning and waste burning etc, which would also improve air quality.

Ms Valdes was impressed with the Environment day celebrations she saw in India, where India was the host country this year.  That has left her feeling really hopeful about the commitment to the key future steps needed to ensure sustainability.


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