Haryana to spend Rs 834 crore more on potable water supply

The state government of Haryana has approved 795 new schemes to strengthen clean drinking water supply in both urban and rural areas.

The Haryana government has announced that it has sanctioned 795 new schemes that see an expenditure cost of Rs 834.10 crore towards for the betterment of clean drinking water supply in the state. The schemes and the estimated funds have been approved for potable water supply in both urban and rural areas of Haryana.

With regards to the urban areas of Haryana, the sanctions include 134 new urban water supply and sewer network schemes. The total cost for this segment has been kept at estimated Rs 104.27 crore.

The official statement of the Haryana Government held that it also approved Rs 801.48 crore for 286 projects that were already approved for the current financial year. The objective is to speed up the water supply works on flagship programmes of the Public Health and Engineering department. This will again be for both rural and urban areas of Haryana.

The Haryana government convened 56th sitting of the water supply and sewerage board that was chaired by Chief Minister ML Khattar. He instructed the senior officials of the departments to identify the areas and pockets in both rural and urban areas where waterlogging problem emerges every monsoon and take suitable measures so that no waterlogging takes place. The government wants to use the water logged areas for fisheries, water conservation and irrigation. Water supply could also be made from these sources.

The Jal Jeevan Mission of the Union Government informs that Haryana today has achieved 100% tap water connections for its households. The state had just 58% or 17.66 lakh of its homes connected with tap water on August 15, 2019 when the JMM started. Thereafter, it had connected 12.75 households with tap connections. The water supply in many areas – both urban and rural – is still not good and more investments are required to better the supply side.

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