BSES Yamuna has an EV Charging Station at work, from Panasonic India

One hopes that the convenient station will send the right message to BSES on moving faster with its own RPO's and solar rooftop program towards a higher sustainability quotient for its operations

Panasonic,the Japanese  technology major that has made  its name more recently for its EV battery plants which supply to Tesla, has announced a collaboration with BSES Yamuna Power Limited to set up an electric vehicle charging station at their New Delhi head office. BSES Yamuna is one of the three discoms for Delhi state. Panasonic has developed the charging station in India at their in-house R&D centre. The EV charging station was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Manish Sharma, President & CEO, Panasonic India, Mr. Prem R Kumar, CEO, BSES Yamuna, Mr. Atul Arya, Head- Energy System Division, Panasonic India, Mr. Yasumichi Murase, Director, LastMile Hub, Panasonic, Mr. Jitendra Nalwaya, Head Clean and Sustainable Technology, BSES Yamuna.

Built in compliance with the Bharat EV AC 001 standards released by DHI, Panasonic’s smart AC charging station comes equipped with 10KW power and can charge up to three electric vehicles simultaneously. The newly launched charging station also reduces the charge time significantly for lithium ion battery powered electric vehicles, almost 3 times faster than the conventional Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries. With this association, Panasonic hopes to build on the partnership with a key discom in the country’s capital.

The facility comes with key advantages such as enforcing the authorised charging, automated revenue collection understanding of the charging behaviour and pattern, real time charging data, app based control and automated payment mechanism etc, besides being ‘tropicalised’ to survive in Indian conditions.

Mr. Manish Sharma, President & CEO Panasonic India said, “As the country ushers into this new age of transport, we are focusing on renewable and sustainable solutions that can help us realise our vision of “A Better Life, A Better World”. With government giving impetus to adoption of electric vehicles and aiming to switch to all electric cars until 2030, it is essential to contribute meaningfully to the initiative. As a diversified technology company, we will continue to introduce products that can help achieve this goal.”

Speaking about the association, Mr. Atul Arya – Head Energy Systems Division, Panasonic India said, “We envision a growing need for electric vehicles in India, as they are environmentally conscious and seen as automobiles of the next generations. This is a step towards our vision to create smart charging network where it’s as easy as fuelling our vehicles today. Our charging stations are fully designed and developed in India R&D centre and our endeavour is to drive the EV evolution from here.”


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