Presenting NanoClean: A Filter That Transforms Your AC Into Air Purifier

After Nasofilters, the Delhi based startup has launched NanoClean, a unique filter that can transform your pre-installed ACs into air purifiers

Nasofilters, an IIT Delhi based startup, after successfully launching its nasal filters by the same name has now developed and launched a new product called Nanoclean AC filters.

A team of IIT Delhi Professors and Alumni (Nasofilters) has developed innovative Nanoclean AC Filters which will turn an AC into an Air Purifier and would cost you a mere Rs 399 per piece. Targeting to solve the problem of indoor pollution Nanoclean AC Filters is a specially designed non-woven structure which is able to retain pollutants (PM2.5) because of its high dust holding capacity. The fabric structure is a proprietary technology of Nasofilters.

“You just have to put on an additional layer on your existing AC filters. The Filter will cover 60-70% of the filter, and whenever you will switch on your ACs which circulates the air throughout the room, it will be able to clean the air simultaneously while cooling the room, “says Prateek Sharma, Co-founder, Nasofilter.

Nanoclean AC filters are much smaller than those used in room air purifiers and can be attached to the filters with the help of double-sided tape. Also, unlike cartridges used in air purifiers which have many components, Nanoclean AC filters are made of pure PP (polypropylene) which can be recycled into other products. These can be melted and reconverted to other products. So, this is an environmentally friendly technology compared to other marketed products. Window ACs need just one NanoClean sheet while Spilt ACs need 2 such sheets. For Office’s central cooling ducts, 4 filters can be pasted on the air suction vent. Tushar Vyaas, CRO of Nasofilters claims that when compared to air purifiers, the NanoClean sheets provide you with the similar ‘efficiency’.

The company further adds that Nanoclean AC filters can purify a room up to 90% in just 1 hour of its functioning in an AC without putting additional load on it. This is a “Do It Yourself” product and can easily be placed in a split as well as window AC. This can be purchased from companies website, Amazon and Apollo Pharmacy Stores.

Nanoclean AC Filters

Seems impossible to breathe pure in Delhi right? Well, isn't so anymore! We innovated; Nanoclean AC Filters is an easy fit into your AC to turn it into an Air Purifier without hampering the cooling or power consumption of your AC. Plus, it purifies 90% of your room in 1 hour. All this for 399/-Know More: #BreathePure #FilterAir #NasoForGood #CleanAir #GiftPureAir #Nanoclean #NanoACFilters #ImpossibleNowPossible #Innovation #AC2AirPurifier #AffordableAirPurifier

Posted by Nasofilters on Thursday, June 13, 2019

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