Praj Industries to supply technology to Brazilian ethanol plant

Praj and Brazilian biofuel company Be8 have signed a contract for the Process License, Design, and Engineering of a 1500 MT/day Wheat or Corn to Ethanol Plant.

Indian ethanol conglomerate Praj Industries has announced that it will be supplying technology for Brazilian biofuel company Be8 for its plant in the South American country.

Praj said, “We are thrilled to announce that Be8, one of Brazil’s Major Biodiesel Companies, has selected Praj as its preferred technology partner for their first ethanol plant, that will be installed in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.”

It has been held that a contract for the Process License, Design, and Engineering of a 1500 MT/day Wheat or Corn to Ethanol Plant has been signed by Praj and Be8.

Praj Industries further informed that a Be8 team recently visited Vivergo Fuels, one of the biggest wheat-to-ethanol plants in the UK, designed and engineered by Praj. “Later, we hosted the Project Kick-off meeting with the Be8 team in India. During this visit, the team experienced our innovation-driven state-of-the-art R&D Facility at Praj Matrix and also witnessed the cutting edge manufacturing capabilities at our Sanaswadi Facility,” said Praj.

Under the ambit of the visit, team Be8 exchanged several ideas with the execution team of Praj and had an intriguing discussion with the company’s leadership team.

Praj mentioned, “We’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting project and partner in the journey of accelerating Energy Transition towards Sustainable Climate Action.”

Founded in 1983, Praj Industries stands out as a leading figure in the Indian ethanol sector, securing a spot among the top ten global suppliers of ethanol infrastructure, specializing in feedstock sourced from sugars and cellulose.

India is presently engaged in discussions with Brazil regarding a technological collaboration aimed at broadening ethanol utilization, aligning with efforts to adopt alternative fuels and mitigate carbon emissions. Union Minister V K Singh emphasizes that Brazil’s extensive experience in utilizing ethanol in vehicles presents ample learning opportunities for other nations, underscoring the potential for a fruitful partnership.

Presently, Brazil stands as the foremost producer and consumer of ethanol derived from sugarcane, holding the title of the world’s leading exporter of this biofuel. Beyond mitigating reliance on petroleum imports, ethanol offers Brazil manifold advantages including job creation, income generation, bolstered energy security, a greener energy portfolio, and diminished greenhouse gas emissions.

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