Ocean Tidal Energy: Bluenergy Solutions Leading the Way

The Asian marine renewable energy provider Bluenergy Solutions has recently initiated its inaugural pilot project, a ‘Plug and Play’ solution that covers clean energy generation, storage, and distribution.

While solar and wind energy dominate the renewable power landscape, there is growing interest in exploring alternative sources. Ocean Tidal Energy stands out as a predictable and untapped green energy source with significant potential, particularly for coastal cities. Bluenergy Solutions is at the forefront of harnessing this renewable energy solution from the ocean through tidal energy.

About Bluenergy Solutions

Bluenergy Solutions is a marine Renewable energy provider in Asia. The firm is based in Singapore and claims to be the first Marine Renewable Energy solution provider in Asia to pioneer the integration of Energy Generation, Storage and Distribution.

Recently, the firm commenced its on-site Proof of Value (POV) project, which is a ‘Plug and Play’ solution that covers clean energy generation, storage, and distribution, the firm noted in a statement dated March 29, 2023. The pilot project launched near the Raffles lighthouse is the demonstration project of the company’s technology harnessing ocean tidal energy.

About the Project

Located offshore – near the Raffles Lighthouse on Pulau Satumu, about 14 kilometres south of the main island of Singapore, the pilot project will run for six months.

One of the key objectives of the POV project is to feed the power requirement of the Raffles Lighthouse by replacing diesel consumption with clean tidal energy, generated in the waters near Raffles Lighthouse. Through this, the firm hopes to reach its target of the reduction of carbon footprint through the decarbonisation of port waters and islands. The success of the project will also act as proof of the technology’s commercial viability.

The project installs small tidal generators (7kW x 4 units) offshore near the Raffles Lighthouse in Singapore to verify the performance of the generators and the reliability of the power generation system as a whole.

The pioneer project also marked the collaboration of Bluenergy Solutions with local strategic partners such as the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), which has placed a purchase order for the energy generated; and A*STAR’s Institute of High-Performance Computing (IHPC) which jointly designed the hydrodynamic features of the tidal turbine; and Ken Energy, which contributes and operates the tidal energy platform by providing marine services expertise.

Other supply chain partners include Systematic Engineering, Nippon Paint Marine, ClassNK and international organisations who are potential end-users and partners, such as Kyuden International Corporation, Kyuden Mirai Energy, and NYK Group.

Ocean Tidal: A Reliable Source of Energy

Tidal power is a predictable and stable marine renewable energy throughout the year, as it utilizes characteristics of periodic change in mass and direction of the tidal current created by the combined gravitational pull of the moon and the sun, unlike solar and wind power generation which are dependent on weather conditions.

Ocean Tidal Energy is attracting the attention world over. Kyuden Mirai Energy is also promoting Japan’s first large-scale tidal energy demonstration project in Naruseto, Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan.

Earlier, the US state of New Jersey passed legislation promising financial incentives for regional tidal power projects, to the approval of local companies. Last year, the world’s “largest” tidal power facility began producing power for the UK, adding just 2GW of power to the grid, enough to power 2,000 homes. In September last year, Wedusea launched a four-year $20.3m project aiming to be the stepping stone towards large-scale wave and tidal energy commercialisation.

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