Hydrogen Startup Gencell’s Big Ambitions

Green hydrogen continues to find more takers and reduce skepticism around its prospects as a replacement for traditional fuels for large scale energy storage. With an energy density nearly 3 times that of traditional gasoline, hydrogen is easy to store and use. Combine this with the emissions amounting to basically just water and you have one of the cleanest fuels on the planet.

Enter Gencell. Founded in Israel in 2014, Gencell is a company with big ambitions. With over 150 employees, some of which include veterans of space and submarine programs and award-winning technology leaders, the company looks to challenge the status quo of power paradigms. At the core of Gencell’s mission is hydrogen power, a technology hailed by many as the future of clean energy production and storage.

Out of all their projects, the most interesting has to be GreenFSG. Fueled by the Earth’s most abundant elements, the technology is able to produce fuel on-site to deploy hydrogen fuel cell technologies anywhere they are needed, eliminating expensive fuel transport costs. GreenCell looks to produce green ammonia from only sun, air and water.

gencell ReX
The Gencell REX

As for currently deployed projects, they have Green Grid-Independent EV charging. GenCell’s rapidly deployable EV charging solution claims to deliver a continuous, steady flow of power that fast-charges multiple vehicles with emission-free energy. Additionally, GenCell’s long-duration backup solutions for utility substations and other mission-critical applications provide uninterrupted, clean, low-maintenance power.

By generating primary power that is both sustainable and resilient, GenCell aims to contribute to hybrid microgrids that connect rural and off-grid communities. Extracting hydrogen-on-demand from affordable, seasonally stored liquid ammonia to make clean energy accessible and cost-effective, GreenCell aims to decrease dependence on diesel alternatives.

At a recent company event at Austin, Texas, GreenCell unveiled their EVOX multipurpose Distributed Energy Resource (DER) and REX auxiliary DC power solution technologies.

According to GenCell CEO Rami Reshef, “GenCell harnesses the elements to generate power that is both Resilient and Sustainable – it doesn’t have to be a tradeoff – to deliver zero-emission, distributed energy wherever the grid is instable or insufficient, empowering the world for future generations. Our journey is driven by a bold vision: to realize a comprehensive, emission-free energy future. In the first phase we focused on Hydrogen2Power technology. We are powering commercial applications with long-lasting tested backup solutions, tailored for even the most remote or extreme conditions. The conversations and connections made here today are just the beginning.”

All in all, Gencell looks set to be a player of significance for making Hydrogen part of the answer to our energy challenges.


By Yash Singh

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