Hutah Signs PPA With Nagaland For Bamboo-based Biomass Power 

The company based in Nagaland has been working towards making bamboo as a main feedstock to produce biomass-based energy for power needs. It recently bagged works for 10 MW of biomass-based energy supply in Nagaland.

Bioenergy-based company Hutah Industries has now signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nagaland for 10 MW of bamboo biomass energy. The company has been working towards making bamboo as a main feedstock to produce biomass-based energy for power needs. 

Hutah is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) based at Dimapur in Nagaland. ” We are aiming to be the world’s first 100% Bamboo- Biomass IPP on a feed-in tariff that develops and operates projects all over North-East India and supplies baseload renewable energy to energy deficit DISCOMs,” the firm said in a statement.

“We have signed the PPA with the state government of Nagaland for our 10 MW Bamboo Biomass IPP at Dimapur Nagaland. The 10 MW of the bamboo biomass power plant used 100 percent bamboo as its feedstock,” the firm said.

It has also acquired 1500 acres of private land on a long-term lease of 25 years for an on-site captive bamboo plantation at A. K Industrial Village, Dimapur. Nagaland. Hutah is using a bioenergy-centric energy crop, Beema Bamboo. It said that it is developed through tissue culture. The company is deploying precision farming techniques for the Beema Bamboo plantation, too. 

The Nagaland Electricity Regulations Council (NERC) also has approved its tariff after a public hearing at 5.06 Re/ KWh Levilized for 25 years. The PPA has been signed for 25 years. The plant is now set to commission in 24 Months. 

“We have integrated a tech-based platform to manage and monitor multiple stages of sowing to harvest of bamboo. This includes inventory and logistics management. It is also Integrated with an agri drone-based monitoring system for the bamboo estate optimizing operations in hilly terrain,” Aditya Pandit, CEO of Hutah Industries said. 

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