Fiji announces joining Global Biofuel Alliance at India Energy Week-2024

Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad made the announcement of Fiji’s joining of GBA.

Fiji will join the Global Biofuel Alliance as announced during a bilateral meeting between Petroleum Minister Hardeep Puri and Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad.

Deputy PM Prasad expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming membership of Fiji in the Global Biofuel Alliance and also recalled participating in last year’s meeting in Bengaluru and emphasized the positive outcomes of ongoing collaboration between the two nations.

Yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi held while inaugurating the India Energy Week 2024 that Global Biofuel Alliance presents a business opportunity of $500 billion world over. As per the Government of India, 22 countries and 12 international organizations have already agreed to join the alliance.

The Fiji Dy PM affirmed his country’s readiness to become part of the global initiative, stating, “It was great to be here again. I was a part of this meeting last year in Bengaluru, and we had some very good discussions this morning and the second one in which Minister Puri also participated. But just now, we have talked about Fiji becoming a part of The Global Fuel Alliance, which we have agreed upon, and very soon it will be approved by the Cabinet back in Fiji. So, we as a country will be very happy to be a part of that.”

Joining the Global Biofuel Alliance aligns with the broader strategy of Fiji to promote renewable energy and mitigate climate change impacts.

Beyond renewable energy initiatives, the bilateral meeting addressed mutual interests in areas such as housing and development. Deputy Prime Minister Prasad commended India’s expertise in developing low-cost housing solutions and expressed interest in potential collaborations in this area.

As Fiji prepares to join the Global Biofuel Alliance, the move reaffirms the nation’s commitment to advancing sustainable development goals and contributing to global efforts for a greener future.

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