Bhubaneshwar civic body to convert city waste into biomass briquettes

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) will additionally create a processing unit for flower waste from temples to create marketable products.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) is mulling to produce biomass briquettes by separately processing the green waste generated in the capital city of Odisha. The civic body also intends to establish a processing unit for flower waste from temples to create marketable products.

As per sources, these proposals were discussed during a recent meeting of BMC in Bhubaneshwar.

According to reports, the BMC will set up a processing plant equipped with chippers, grinders, hammers, and dryers to convert green waste, such as grass clippings, shrubs, and wood, into biomass briquettes. These briquettes will then be supplied to pharmaceutical companies, power plants, food processing units, cement plants and other probable users as an alternative fuel.

Currently, BMC has deployed eight vehicles to collect green waste from various roads in the city. Additionally, each of the 44 wards has been provided with one light commercial vehicle to separately collect green waste. However, there is no dedicated facility for processing this waste, and it is currently being dumped at Pokhariput or Gadakana TTS near Sainik School.

As part of the plan, BMC will hire an agency through a tender process to set up and manage the plant’s operation and maintenance for at least three years. Deputy Commissioner for Sanitation Manoranjan Sahu noted that the city, home to hundreds of old temples, generates around 400 to 500 kg of flower waste that can be processed to create valuable products and reduce pollution in water bodies.

The BMC plans to establish a small flower processing plant to convert used flowers into scented candles, perfumes, incense sticks, and natural dyes. Once the plan is finalized, BMC is expected to take steps to identify a site for the plant and select a vendor to manage it.

In a similar move, NTPC is mulling to launch a project soon to convert solid waste into green coal address the growing issue of solid waste in Gurugram, Haryana, and utilize it for renewable energy production.

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