Water Sans Frontieres Launched in Dushanbe

The Global Initiative for water, has seen New Delhi-based Imagindia Institute play a key role as a global partner

The Dubai-based think tank, International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (IICD) has
announced that it is partnering with the Imagindia Institute of India, and other global
partners, to launch a global movement that will focus on water as a bond of humanity
across borders and cultures.
Speaking in Dushanbe, on sidelines of the International Conference, “Waters without
Borders”, hosted by the Government of Tajikistan on occasion of the World Water Day, Dr.
Mohamed Kamil Almuaini, Chairman, IICD, stated that the Waters sans Frontieres (WSF,
Waters without Borders) global initiative will focus on awareness and solutions to the
challenges and opportunities of the planetary water-cycle for the human and all other life
and non-life eco-systems, including in near and far space to planet Earth.
This year the World Water Day 2019 is being honoured by the Government of Tajikistan,
which is hosting an international conference on water in Dushanbe. It is well known that the
Tibet Plateau, and Central Asia, are major lifelines of water to billions of people, and
therefore the Dushanbe summit on water this year has attracted worldwide interest and
support, including from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).
The global secretariat of the WSF initiative will be co-hosted in Dubai and New Delhi. “We
will focus on complete range of awareness, solutions, futuristic thinking and technology
enabled scenario-modelling, combined with compassion and entrepreneurial approaches to
the idea of water, across cultures”, said Mr Raj Achan, the newly appointed Executive
Director of the WSF campaign.
The WSF initiative is also reported to be planning a world-unique Water Museum and
Incubator in Abu Dhabi, that will be curated by Ms. Farah Albastaki, a leading art and
creative personality in the GCC region. The Dutch violinist, Satyakam Mokhamsingh has
composed the “Water Anthem” for the WSF campaign.
“Our vision in the WSF initiative is to work towards a planet where we all live and let live –
connected and nourished with the umbilical cord of waters, across borders, cultures, and
spaces. We are indeed overwhelmed by the robust response we are getting from our fast expanding circle of champions, friends, civic society and governments across the world who
seek to contribute to this initiative”, said Mr Robinder Nath Sachdev, President of The
Imagindia Institute, who is co-author of the “Dushanbe Declaration – Waters sans Frontiers”,
that was released at the Dushanbe conference .

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