German Firm Gets Patent for Water From Air System

Atmospheric water generation is a technology that continues to evolve, and the latest patent for EAWD is one more step in that pathway

Energy And Water Development (EAWD) has announced that the the international patent application for their self-sufficient, energy-supplied Atmosphere Water Generation system has been accepted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). A global alliance that ensures the protection of trademarks and patents, WIPO protects patents and trademarks in more than 150 countries including the United States, EU, RussiaChinaIndia, and Brazil.

This patent protects the innovative technology that overcomes the two main challenges of atmosphere water generation: energy consumption and a large carbon footprint. EAWD’s innovative eAWG is constructed with high efficiency compressors and high-density solar panels that generate all the energy each unit needs to turn moisture in the air into clean water for drinking, agricultural, and industrial use.

Generating water from atmosphere is not new, but the challenge has been to do it at scale and at a viable cost.

Pic Courtesy: EWAD

EAWD’s innovative technology is in the process of being installed in the city of Grünheide (Mark), just outside of Berlin, Germany. When this custom-built system comes online at the end of the year, it will produce as much as 2.6 million gallons of water per day for the city.

“The acceptance of our global patent application allows us to move forward rapidly with the development and deployment of our self-sufficient energy supplied Atmosphere Water Generators.” Said Irma Velazquez, “This will provide a sustainable and affordable solution to the water crisis facing so many communities around the world.”

EAWD will hold a live demonstration of their technology later this month in Germany.


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