PM Modi sets the tone For Sustainable Development

Speaking at the Environment Day Celebrations at Vigyan Bhavan on 5th June 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about how development could be environmentally friendly and does not have to come at the cost of green assets. He further expanded on how Indian traditions have long stressed the importance of living in peace with nature, ie, sustainable development.  India is hosting the World Environment Day event this year, leading to an unusually high level of engagement with the key issues across the government and beyond.

He then spoke on the theme for this year’s environment day celebration’s “beat plastic pollution”.

“Plastic pollution is now entering into our food chain. Per capita plastic consumption in India is much lower than in many parts of the developed world. Our national mission on cleanliness and ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ has a special focus on plastic waste management,” he said.
He announced that India is the fastest growing economy in the world is cemented in its mission to improve its standards of living in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. He further went on to say that India has committed to reduce 33-35 percent of its emission intensity of its GDP during 2005-2013.

The Modi government, to give it credit, has certainly walked the talk on pollution recently, with strenuous efforts being made to find solutions to challenges like pollution, the energy mix and more. Renewable power capacity additions have been at a record high led by Solar, even as the government starts paying attention to other critical issues like plastics led pollution. Issues like single use plastics, plastic bags, and wasteful use of plastic straws and cutlery are fast hitting the mainstream consciousness today, leading to wider acceptance and the need to take action now.


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