Delhi Jal Board to end water contamination problem through helium gas & cameras

Delhi Jal Board has said that it will employ helium gas technology and modern age cameras to find permanent solution to the problem of contaminated in the water pipelines. The Delhi utility finds too many complaints in the monsoon season when water logging takes place and dirty water enters the pipelines supply potable water to Delhi households.

In a key meeting held at Delhi Jal Board headquarters under Vice Chairman Somnath Bharti with all the 70 MLAs and top DJB officials, the board decided that there will be no shortage of funds for the mega project as the Delhi Government will establish a “Special Fund.” This fund will be created through budgetary legislation.

Somnath Bharti said that Delhi Jal Board has already started to find out the possibilities of repairing the leakages in the water pipelines with the help of helium gas or modern camera systems.

The purpose of Delhi Jal Board’s 8-hour marathon meeting was to prepare an action plan to formulate a permanent solution to the problem of contaminated water supply in select areas of Delhi. The board will also identify the points where water gets contaminated. In the rainy season, water supplied to some houses gets mixed with the dirty water. People suffer with many diseases due to the consumption of contaminated water.

List of affected areas is ready

It’s held that Delhi Government had ordered the DJB ACEs of each zone to make a list of areas where frequent complaints of contaminated water supply occur. Hence, the board now has a comprehensive list which has been reviewed and verified after proper consultation. Delhi Jal Board is ready with separate plans for each zones (zonal plans) to arrest the problem of contaminated water supply with the use of technology.

Delhi Jal Board says that with the use of helium gas and camera systems, there will be no need to excavate roads or cut through streets to find the leakage. The technology will help to find the exact point of damage in the pipeline where dirty water or sewage gets mixed with potable water. The board could fix the problem with speed; eliminating the chances of traffic jams and discomfort to public. Cameras are available today with fine tubes that can go upto 500 meters in pipelines to detect the points of damage.

The special fund for the novel project will created in the upcoming budget.

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