IPHE meet focuses on wider adoption of green hydrogen

The conference delegates provided valuable insights into the future of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the IPHE Academic Outreach at IIT Delhi.

The 41st Steering Committee Meeting of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) is being convened in New Delhi. The meeting will end on March 22. The first day of the meeting has been organised as IPHE Academic Outreach at IIT Delhi where the conference delegates provided valuable insights into the future of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Addressing the inaugural session, Principal Scientific Advisor, Govt. of India, Ajay Sood pointed out that while hydrogen is not a very new technology, there is a need to work together to make it more economical and cleaner. He emphasized on the importance of skill development and R&D in the sector and mentioned that besides the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, various other Ministries of the Government of India are also taking efforts for adoption of Green Hydrogen. He highlighted that the major areas of work in the hydrogen value chain include five components, namely, Production, Storage, Transportation, Distribution & Consumption.

Vice-Chairperson, IPHE, Noe Van Hulst mentioned India as an economic powerhouse, an engine of global economy and a decisive actor in shaping the clean energy future. He put emphasis on the requirement of skills, educational outreach and Research & Innovation in shaping the future of Clean Hydrogen and the role of academia in this regard.

Kishor Nair, CEO of Avaada Group, talked about India’s and other countries’ initiatives towards Energy Transition and their Net Zero commitments. He also requested Academia, Research & Innovation fellows to come forward with technology ideas to make hydrogen production, storage, transportation and applications more efficient and cost-effective.

A panel discussion titled “Empowering Expertise: Cultivating Skill Development in the Clean / Green Hydrogen Arena,” focused on development of the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the clean / green hydrogen sector. The other panel discussion on “Unveiling the Future: Clean / Green Hydrogen Technologies and Its Transformative Applications,” explored the frontiers of clean / green hydrogen research and innovation, discussing its transformative potential across various industries.

About IPHE

The IPHE, established in 2003, comprises 23 member countries and the European Commission, and is dedicated to advancing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies globally. The biannual IPHE Steering Committee Meetings serve as a crucial platform for fostering international collaboration and coordination among member countries, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

These meetings facilitate information exchange on policy and technical developments, helping to identify key areas for collaboration which inform subsequent initiatives in member countries.

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