India is fastest developing bio-CNG market; our solution is win-win for all stakeholders: Gregory Krupnikovs, Rika Biotech

Rika Biotech stands at the forefront of advancing the European biogas/biomethane industry swiftly through its cutting-edge technology and expert services. The company has expanded its presence to India, introducing state-of-the-art bioextruder technology to enhance biogas production and elevate biogas quality. With a renewed and intensified focus on the Indian biogas market, Rika Biotech anticipates nearly doubling its sales in the upcoming year. In an insightful conversation with Subhash Chandra Yadav of I Am Renew, Gregory Krupnikovs – the Founder & Business Development Director of Rika Biotech – sheds light on the challenges facing the biogas industry and discusses the contributions the company can make to the Indian market.

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