H2 Energy Europe begins green hydrogen project at South Wales

The 20-MW electrolytic hydrogen production facility at Milford Haven port will be the first facility of its kind in South Wales.

H2 Energy Europe, large-scale green hydrogen ecosystems’ developer, has secured UK Government funding for its ground-breaking 20 MW electrolytic hydrogen production facility at the port of Milford Haven. It said that this marks a major milestone as the first facility of its kind in South Wales.

In line with the UK government’s ambitious target of establishing up to 10 GW of low-carbon hydrogen production by 2030, with at least half coming from electrolytic hydrogen, H2 Energy Europe project aims to leverage the growth of UK offshore wind, other renewable sources, and nuclear energy to advance the hydrogen sector.

The project received financial support through the UK government’s Hydrogen Business Model and Net Zero Hydrogen Fund. The funding agreement is expected to be formalized in January 2024, after the facility’s receipt of planning permission. The project will be commissioned in 2026.

Once operational, the Milford Haven facility will play a crucial role in transitioning industrial users to green hydrogen sourced from domestic renewables. Besides its environmental impact, the project is poised to create permanent, high-skilled employment opportunities, facilitating a workforce transition from managing petroleum product storage to specializing in green hydrogen handling.

Julian O’Connell, Project Director of H2 Energy Europe, expressed gratitude for the support from the UK government and Pembroke County Council, emphasizing the local industry’s keen interest. O’Connell noted that the positive response has prompted a review of opportunities to scale up the facility, showcasing its potential for broader impact.

The green hydrogen produced at the Milford Haven facility is expected to power various applications throughout South Wales, including shipping, industrial power, and serving as a chemical feedstock. This versatility underscores the adaptability of green hydrogen to support diverse industries, with local companies like Sofidel expressing enthusiasm for incorporating green hydrogen into their operations.

Julien Rolland, CEO of H2 Energy Europe, thanked for the UK government’s support, highlighting the potential for additional hydrogen projects in the UK. Rolland mentioned exploring opportunities such as midstream services, leveraging their award-winning hydrogen transport and storage container system to advance the local hydrogen economy.

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