CBG production of EverEnviro to level up with Danish technology

India’s leading CBG player EverEnviro, through its associate partner Thermax Bioenergy Solutions (TBSPL) has signed an MoU with European Sustainable Solutions ApS (EUSUSO-Denmark) to integrate their patented “Gemidan Ecogi” technology in EverEnviro’s upcoming MSW based CBG plants across India. The objective of roping in the new technology is to boost CBG production.

European Sustainable Solutions ApS claims to be is a technology leader in waste management, bioenergy and green fuel production in Europe. The Danish urban municipal waste management handling technology is one of the most advanced in Europe.

Gemidan Ecogi technology has shown promising results in Europe by effectively optimising the pre-treatment phase in CBG plants. With an efficiency rate of 99.996%, this technology ensures careful segregation of organic and inorganic waste components and thereafter converts the organic constituents into bio-pulp that can be directly sent for biogas production.

Mahesh Girdhar, MD & CEO, EverEnviro said, “Leveraging technology to transform ‘Waste into Wealth significantly contributes towards building a cleaner and sustainable future, while supporting mitigation of methane emissions through degasification at CBG plants. We are confident that our partnership with EUSUSO-Denmark would help in bolstering CBG production and simultaneously resolving the country’s municipal waste management issues.”

The new technological overhaul is expected to give a fillip to the Indian government’s GOBARdhan initiative by accelerating the establishment of MSW based Compressed Bio Gas plants in the country. EverEnviro is already in process of establishing 8 MSW based CBG plants across New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Lars Rosgaard, CEO, EUSUSO held , “We endeavour to introduce some of the most unconventional, proven, and reliable Danish technologies here.  Our vision goes beyond this milestone to ‘Make this equipment in India’ over the next 2-3 years while also bringing in a solution for handing paddy straw and producing sustainable aviation and shipping fuel. With vast agricultural land and industry, India has a great potential to not only be self-sufficient in the production of green fuels, but to export it as well.’

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