The Shift Project, a Paris-based think-tank on energy transition, is dedicated to tackling the decisive and delicate issues needed to make this transition a success. The exponential development of digital technology, and the way in which this development can interact with the decarbonation objectives of our societies, is one of the most important of these issues. The Shift Project’s members are major business players from diverse sectors. In April 2017 the Shift Project asked Hugues Ferreboeuf to form a working group to collectively reflect on the possibilities of generating synergy between digital and energy transition. The aim: to maximize the positive impact of digital technology on the environment and minimize its negative impacts. In view of the numerous contradictory theses produced on the subject so far, it seemed useful to us to seek to examine all these impacts as objectively as possible, in order to draw up practical and systemic recommendations in line with decarbonation objectives.

The interim report published in March 2018 marked an important step in the process of in-depth analysis and consultation with many people and institutions involved in these issues: it provided a platform for us to enrich our thinking with the comments it will generate. The conclusions and recommendations of the working group are intended for all actors in economic, social and political life, and should help shed light on a key issue for moving towards a sustainable digital society. This report, published in March 2019, is the final version.

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